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The Gifted Dr. D and the PPS Total Family Health Care Expo

Tomatis Philippines has a very dear dear friend embodied in a jolly, big-hearted and spirited teddy bear of a man.  His name is Dr. Francis Xavier Dimalanta, Developmental-and-Behavioral-Pediatrician-eminent of the St. Luke’s hospitals. 

I was introduced to Dr. D (as we used to call him) by my friend Ria, when she first consulted him about her son.  Soon after that initial meeting, and a couple of long lunches after, a great friendship developed and he easily persuaded me to allow my eldest child–and only daughter–to participate in CISV in India!  (Only a man of his exemplary character could convince me and my husband to send our precious darling to such an adventure when she was only 11 years old.)  That experience proved to be such a success for my daughter that we also sent our son to a CISV camp in Norway last July.

But what, I feel, truly distinguishes the good doctor is his untiring commitment to two things he loves: (1) special children, and (2) his hometown of Baguio City.  Dr. D established A Child’s D.R.E.A.M. Foundation–a facility that provides holistic care for special children in Northern Luzon and the Cordilleras–in the City of Pines where he was born and raised (and where his parents still reside).  Dr. D says he founded A Child’s D.R.E.A.M. 9 years ago “to give back to the people of the city I was raised in.”

It is, therefore, a great privilege for Tomatis Philippines to participate in a very unique and noteworthy event helped organized by our good friend Dr. D and the Philippine Pediatric Society–the Total Family Health Care Expo.  It will be held this coming week-end, September 1 to 2, at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.  The expo will feature a variety of services aimed at helping and guiding parents nurture their children.  Several specialized talks about children’s health and well-being will also be given by experts.  Some titles that caught my eye: Raising an Early Reader, Yoga: Why it’s Good to Start Young, and Teenage Pregnancy on the Rise.  For a complete schedule of the talks, go to our Tomatis Philippines Facebook page.  There will be an entrance fee of Php 50.

We hope to see all of you there!

You may RSVP on our comment page.

Night and Day: A Story of Two Sisters

I was one of the Tomatis consultants who contributed a story in the book The Listening Journey for Children:  Boosting Learning, Communication and Confidence Through Sound.  The anthology was published last year (2011) by the International Association of Registered Certified Tomatis Consultants, or IARCTC, of which I have been a member for the past five years.  It is an interesting read for parents who want to know more about how the Tomatis Method can help their children. 

My story is about two young girls who were brought to our center by their mother:

“Erica, the elder sister, seemed melancholic and uneasy.  She was quiet and unsmiling during the meeting, keeping a tight hold on her book, and avoided looking anybody in the eye.  By contrast, the younger sister, Luisa, was a burst of energy.  She was constantly asking questions and touching the toys scattered around the room, and became uncooperative when asked to sit down.  The sisters were as different as night and day…”

I go on to describe their diagnosis–determined through an interview with the mother and child, as well as their Listening Tests; and the intervention I recommended.  Each child did the minimum 60 hours of the Tomatis program, and then two additional boosters of 16 hours each.  The chapter concludes with an explanation of how Erica and Luisa had benefited from the listening therapy.

Aside from my own humble contribution, one can also read 11 other stories of how the Tomatis Method has helped children from all over the world–the U.S.A., Australia, Panama, Austria, Colombia, Mexico, and France.  It is a truly fascinating journey.

Do you have your own story to share?




The Man Behind the Name

Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis was the French doctor who developed the Tomatis Method.

If you search about him through the internet, you will be bombarded with loads of uncertain facts about this man (his actual birthdate, the controversy behind his medical practice, his methods of research).  However, one main thing that is definitely true is that he was a Renaissance Man, whose unique ideas and work were greatly notable way before his time.  Dr. Tomatis was, after all, one of the first doctors who established the fact that fetuses in the womb can already hear their mother’s voice while in gestation, and that this phenomenon has a great effect on the development of the child.

If you wish to learn more about this fascinating man, I would recommend that you read his autobiography, The Conscious Ear: My Life of Transformation Through Listening.  The book begins dramatically enough with Dr. Tomatis describing his traumatic birth, and how his 16-year old mother wantonly disregarded him.

“It is useless to bother with him.  He’s dead.”

These were the first words my ears heard when I left my mother’s womb, though I certainly didn’t understand them.

However, if you continue on, you will discover how he survived, with the help of his father, Umberto, into a successful man in his field.  It is especially delightful to read how young Dr. Alfred helped his father’s colleagues in the opera world regain their singing voices.  Other captivating anecdotes in the book include:  how he came to Paris all alone as an 11-year old boy; how he began his research into Occupational Deafness through the unwitting help of the Italian tenor Enrico Caruso; and how he lost nearly a hundred pounds through a self-imposed starvation regimen.

There is no doubt about it, the man is truly eccentric, acerbic, and demanding.  But the work Dr. Tomatis has left behind was born from a genuine soul who did all he could to help other people.  And today, through the administration of the Tomatis Method, the doctor’s legacy lives on.






My name is Gem.  As you can see from the title of my blog, I call myself The Earobics Teacher (take note: EARobics, not AERobics).


I am a Certified Registered TOMATIS Consultant and I administer the TOMATIS METHOD, which is an Auditory Training Therapy.  Therefore, my job is to work-out the ears so that one can learn to listen better (take note: listen, not hear…there is a difference which I shall describe later on).

In this weekly blog, I shall share with you (1) the latest news about Tomatis Philippines (that’s our group), (2) all you need or want to know about the Tomatis Method, (3) stories of the children and adults we have helped (but I can’t share with you their real names), and (4) research and writings about the Tomatis Method and other related topics.

If you wish to keep up to speed with everything Tomatis, you may also go to (1) our website:; (2) our Facebook page: Tomatis Philippines; or (3) our Twitter account: TomatisPhil.

I am looking forward to sharing all I know about the Tomatis Method, and I hope you tag along for the ride.