My name is Gem.  As you can see from the title of my blog, I call myself The Earobics Teacher (take note: EARobics, not AERobics).


I am a Certified Registered TOMATIS Consultant and I administer the TOMATIS METHOD, which is an Auditory Training Therapy.  Therefore, my job is to work-out the ears so that one can learn to listen better (take note: listen, not hear…there is a difference which I shall describe later on).

In this weekly blog, I shall share with you (1) the latest news about Tomatis Philippines (that’s our group), (2) all you need or want to know about the Tomatis Method, (3) stories of the children and adults we have helped (but I can’t share with you their real names), and (4) research and writings about the Tomatis Method and other related topics.

If you wish to keep up to speed with everything Tomatis, you may also go to (1) our website:; (2) our Facebook page: Tomatis Philippines; or (3) our Twitter account: TomatisPhil.

I am looking forward to sharing all I know about the Tomatis Method, and I hope you tag along for the ride.

2 thoughts on “It’s TOMATIS, not CAMATIS

  1. i wish to attend one of your training sessions one day. I have been reading about the method and i wish to advocate it n my school.

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