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Brain Gain…with No Pain

Carrie is a Grade 4 student, with an average grade of 85.  Her favourite subject is Civics, and she enjoys Math.  But sometimes in the classroom, Carrie has a little difficulty remembering all the historical dates her teacher tells her, as well as all the Math formulas she has to memorize.

Marco is a Grade 7 student who loves Science and playing football.  All his teachers like him because he is always polite and well-behaved in class.  He does his work diligently but there are moments when he gets distracted doing his school tasks, misses a number or two on the work sheet, and then submits his work incomplete.

Jenny is a Third year student who is involved in the Drama Club.  Tomatis PhilippinesShe recently received a Silver certificate for her grades, and is currently the president of her class.  Once in a while, in the middle of a discussion or meeting, Jenny finds herself misplacing her notes or losing her pens causing her panic and unnecessary fretfulness.

Enzo is a 22-year old college graduate who recently got a job as a bank trainee.  He is required to help customers who have problems or questions about their accounts.  Many times, Enzo finds himself squirming on his seat and stands up constantly to walk around the room.  There have been occasions when his attention was called by his boss because a client was looking for help and Enzo was nowhere to be found.

Carrie, Marco, Jenny, and Enzo are all average and ordinary people who are all doing well in school and at work, but sometimes, they also need a little boost to help them out.  At Tomatis® Philippines, we offer the BRAIN GAIN Standard Program.  It is designed especially for children of school age (5 to 17 years) and adults (18y +++) not diagnosed for any specific attention, learning, or communication disorder but could improve in certain areas to consequently become better listeners and learners.  The Tomatis® Method acts in a natural and non-intrusive manner on the auditory system and the brain.  To learn more how our method works, watch this very interesting video.

The benefits that may result from the program include:

  • increased capacity for absorbing and processing information
  • better concentration when doing tasks
  • increased attention span in the classroom
  • better organization and ability to follow instructions
  • decreased restlessness and hyperactivity
  • increased self-confidence and sense of well-being

The Tomatis® Brain Gain program is 30 hours long.  It needs to be completed in 15 consecutive days (excluding week-ends) or 3 weeks, with the client listening for 2 hours per day.  An initial Assessment and Listening Test are not required.

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