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Tomatis® News for 2013

Hello!  After a long hiatus due to the demands of Christmas revelries in the Philippines, The Earobics Teacher will once again be featuring new blogs for the year 2013.

Firstly, I’d like to welcome everyone back and hope that you all had a happy and healthy holiday with your families and loved ones.

Now to share some Tomatis® news:

  • There will be a convention of the International Association of Registered Certified Tomatis® Consultants (IARCTC) this coming April 25-28, 2013 at Camp Sounio, Greece.  athens-grecotel-cape-sounio-75879The bi-annual summit is open to all Tomatis® members, consultants, and practitioners.  Registration is now open.
  • The TDSA (sole owner of the Tomatis® brand) has come out with a new 3-D video to explain how the listening therapy works on the ears.  Watch it here.
  • Taking firm action against those who use the “TOMATIS” name indiscriminately, we are now in the process of revamping our website to include the Tomatis® licensed trademark in all our texts.  Therefore, if one needs accurate information about the method, they are urged to look for the proper Tomatis® licensed trademark, as well as the official logo in all websites. TOMATIS Logo

Hope you all have a wonderful new year ahead!